YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT UKRAINE is another educational film project being carried out by the Doc'n'World Foundation and it is aimed at young filmmakers from Ukraine giving them an opportunity to make their own documentary films.

As before, we address young people who are about to become adults and who are asking themselves questions typical for adolescents: what is important, how to find your place in the world, what are my perspectives, what are my dreams? Today, these questions are taking on a new meaning for young Ukrainians. How to define yourself in face of the dramatic situation of the fatherland? The choices they make are unusually dramatic – they often put a lot at stake.

We would like them to depict these problems in their films. And see that the characters in their films are presented against the background of the complex situation of today’s Ukraine. We wish for deep, personal psychological portraits of protagonists to be made. We would like the authors to reach the deep truth about mankind by touching every aspect of their lives. We trust that each of those films will be interesting, unique and original.

As in the case of the “Young People About Themselves” project, it will end with a presentation of scripts and trailers, but this time again we will not abandon our students at this stage. We will do our best to make sure that as many of their ideas as possible are made into films presenting the image of modern Ukraine. This way our students will fulfil their professional ambitions of being present in the European media.